• Schengen Travel Insurance (STI) and ...

    ... this huge opportunity on a recurring market

    The facts

    When traveling to Europe for any purpose (holiday, business, family visit, studying) or applying for a work permission, Schengen Visa or residence card - Schengen Insurance is a must. Every visitor outside the Schengen Zone and European Union is obliged to have valid compulsory medical insurance for foreigners in Schengen Area and according to the European Parliament and the Council Regulation EC No 810/2009 of 13 July 2009:

    • "shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during stay.
    • The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000.”

    The opportunity

    STI (Schengen Travel Insurance) offers a very competitive (mandatory) insurance for people traveling to the Schengen Area.

    STI is setting up partnerships worldwide to sell this insurance and pay very lucrative rewards to the partners in a very efficient online sales strategy.

  • The list of the Schengen Countries

    Overview of the European countries and an indication of how many tourist arrivals in a year.

    At least 200 million potential customers every year !

    In 2015 more then 600 million people were traveling to the Schengen Area,

    only tourists without even counting business trips !

    And the numbers keep raising...

    Assuming that 3% of these travellers are from countries requiring a Visa with a mandatory insurance (see list below) and we talk about 20 million potential customers every year !

    This country list, of which the inhabitants require a VISA with a mandatory insurance for traveling to the Schengen area, numbers up to more then 4,5 Billion people

  • Our proposal

    For the traveler : STI Schengen Travel Insurance

    Schengen Insurance at low cost for our customers

    • Premium ” as low as € 0,96 a day / low cost Schengen
    • Insurance plans accepted by all Schengen Consulates
    • Fully secured transaction 
    • No price variation based on age or nationality
    • No medical exam, no maximum age
    • Insurance certificate instantly sent by email
    • Best service and best assistance 24h/24h
    • Online booking

    Partner agreement

    STI is looking for a limited number of partners worldwide to set-up a partnership.

    As a partner you will receive a FREE personalized website (see below) and the only thing you have to do is to promote your website to earn a lucrative commission (see table at the right).

    Customers book the insurance online on your website, pay direct by credit card and receive all papers direct by email.

    All administration and service is done by the insurance company !


    Your own Network of Agents

    As an approved Partner you are entitled to recruit worldwide an unlimited number of Agents.

    You can offer them also a FREE personalized website and they can sell the same way as you by promoting their website.

    You, as a partner, will earn a bonus commission on every policy booked online on the websites of your Agents.

    (For details about this bonus commission, send us a message below in the "contact us" area)


    As a Partner you will have acces to your personal Back-Office with a username and password. (see below)

    You will be able to create agents and have an overview of the sales and commissions through your own website and the websites of your agents.

  • FREE Personalized website

    Take a look and understand the business!



    Your own personalized website ready in 4 languages (English-French-German and Russian) today and more languages coming next couple of weeks.


    In the second part you will find the details about our offering : a very competitive offering with the necessary elements included for a safe journey. Not only the minimum requirements for the VISA but an excellent coverage in case something should go wrong!


    Rates mentioned on the website are RATES ALL INCLUDED : no small letters with extra costs, no payment costs, no additional administration costs,...

    In the last part of your personalized website visitors of your website can find all necessary information about the Schengen Travel Insurance.

  • Back-0ffice features

    You can login to your back-office with your username and password


    1. "Edit Profile" to manage your personal contact and other details (password, Avatar, ...)

    2. "Create Agent" button to Create an agent on which you will earn the Partner commission.

    - You need a username (mostly the FirstnameLastname or the company name of the agent)

    - His email address, phone number, City and Country

    - After acceptance of CVDKi he will be in your agent list

    3. "Agent Management" gives you an overview of your agents and their details

    4. "Agent Orders" gives you an overview of the policies booked through your personalized website and the ones booked through your Agent's websites.

    The details of your commission can you also find here. (with export facilities to excell)

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    Send us a message if :

    1. You want to apply to become a registered Partner.

    We need the "username" you want to use for your personalized website (mostly FirstnameLastname or company name) , your email address, Phone number, City and Country where you live.


    2. you want to ask a question or would like to receive additional information.

  • Who We Are

    "Sometimes you face difficulties not because you're doing something wrong, but because you're doing something right..."


    We are Bureau Van Hecke & Co (Established in 1989). Our Directors are Frans Van Hecke, Marc Luyck, Peter Veekmans, Olivier Van de Vijver and Carlo Vandekerkhof. We have several years of experience in the insurance industry in Belgium,

    the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.


    Bureau Van Hecke & Co
    Avenue Louise 215,
    1050 Brussels


    + 32 2 529 76 96